How much will smartphones cost in 2023 if prices continue to rise at the same rate

Until 5-6 years ago, it was difficult to imagine smartphones costing more than $ 999, but now it is an affordable price for flagship devices. Mozillion analysts have calculated how much money we will pay for premium phones by 2032, if the trend does not change.

Of course, the most expensive model has traditionally been the iPhone. The cost of flagship iPhones rose from $ 199 in 2012 to $ 1,099 in 2021. Growth was 452%. If this trend continues, the iPhone 2032 could cost $ 6,069.

The flagships of Motorola and Huawei are also becoming more expensive. Chinese-made smartphones could cost more than $ 3,300 in 2032. Motorola phones can cost more than $ 3333. Samsung smartphones may rise in price by 184%

Finally, the top closes the models OnePlus – 2342 dollars, and Sony – 2358 dollars.

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