How to extend the life of a smartphone battery? Top 5 secrets

To date, most smartphone batteries have changed their chemical composition. They now contain:


Unfortunately, the frequency of use does not affect the longevity of such batteries. The following tips can help slow down battery drain and forget about buying a new smartphone in the near future.
1. Incomplete charge cycle

The charge cycle is the battery performance from 0 to 100%. Each battery has a certain amount. According to statistics, the average of such cycles can be no more than 500. Fortunately, this number can increase significantly due to an incomplete cycle. The depth of the charges is equal to the percentage of discharge. Thus, if the display shows a charge of 30 percent, then the depth of charge – 70 percent.

Battery life depends on this depth, or rather – on its reduction. The most reliable indicator is a discharge of up to 20 percent and a charge of up to 80 percent.
2. Charging overnight

It is strongly recommended not to leave smartphones and other gadgets unattended while charging. It’s not just about self-preservation, but also about saving the battery from load.

Many different programs have been created to help set a barrier to charge, stopping it at 80 percent or less. But they also negatively affect the battery. It is a pity that when the limit is set at 80 percent, the smartphone will still remain plugged in, and when it is discharged to 79 percent, its charge will increase instantly. This will be repeated until the owner of the smartphone disconnects it from the power supply.
3. On overheating and cooling

If you need to leave the gadget on charge until the morning, then put it under a pillow is strictly prohibited. Battery overheating will significantly reduce its performance. In the worst case, overheating can cause a flash and an accident. This also applies to the use of gadgets in the heat and when exposed to direct sunlight and when heated by other objects when charging.
Cold also reduces the amount of energy consumed, which exhausts all possible battery resources.
4. Charger

Most gadget owners use a variety of chargers, including purchased separately, in stores with cheap goods.
Battery damage is caused by the difference in the flow of energy that can be supplied by chargers from other smartphones, tablets, etc.

In addition, the quality of the cheap replacement may be lower than the original, which means that the charge level will be significantly lower. The battery will simply not have enough power.
5. Storage rules

Lithium batteries wear out and lose their capacity even when the gadget itself is turned off for a long time. In order not to lose the performance of any such battery, it is necessary to follow certain storage rules.
If the smartphone still needs to stay on the shelf for a while, its charge should not exceed 40-50%. A fully charged battery will reduce the life of your battery even faster.

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