How to find out what updates Xiaomi smartphone will receive in the future and when its support will end

Do you have a Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone that is several years old and you don’t know when support will end? Xiaomi has an official website that informs about smartphones that will no longer receive support. It also offers a detailed list of all devices for which security updates will be installed.


If you want to know when support for your old Xiaomi will end or if it will receive any security update, you should visit the Xiaomi Security Center. The website is the official platform that allows the company to provide the consumer with up-to-date information about smartphones.

The website is divided into different sections. But this time we are interested in the security updates section. It consists of three subsections: Support Policy, Update Details, and AER Information.

Smartphone updates

In the first section, you will get an updated list with all the company’s smartphones that are no longer receiving any software or firmware updates. The list is updated periodically.

The second section shows the various security updates distributed and ordered according to their severity. The portal gives you the option to select a specific period to see the updates released during that time. In addition, it provides a list of all Xiaomi smartphones that can receive security updates for a month.

Xiaomi updates

The last section refers to the AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certification provided by Google. According to the Internet, devices with this seal of quality meet Google’s stringent software and hardware requirements.

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