How to find out when your Xiaomi will stop being relevant

Xiaomi has recently officially announced the cessation of support, which is expressed in the absence of any updates to Android and MIUI.

Thanks to the recently updated Xiaomi website, or more precisely, the “Xiaomi Security Center” section, you can not only find out which smartphones have become obsolete, but also understand what updates some phone models will receive (up to the Android update).

In this article, we will show you how to use this resource and what its many menus mean.

To start, go to the site and click on the “Security” tab, on the next page (at the very end) find the button “Go to Xiaomi Security Center”.

Then you need to go directly to the update center, find a special section “Security Updates” and the button “Learn more”.

On the page, choose the type of gadgets you are interested in, there are two options to choose from:

Other smart devices (bracelets, routers, scooters, etc.)

By selecting “Smartphones” (if we talk about them), you get to the “Support Policy” page, which will allow you to find out which Xiaomi and Redmi models are on the “EOS” list (end of support).

In the last update of the list, it included “Redmi K20”, and in the near future there will be a global version of this smartphone – “Mi 9T”.

Now let’s talk about updates and move (on this page) to the menu “Update Details”. Select the last of the possible months, press the “Go” button and scroll down the page to the list of smartphones.

In this list, the company lists all smartphones that will sooner or later receive updates “Android Security”, which actually means their active support.

It is worth explaining that if your smartphone is not in this list, it does not mean that it is left without an update. This only indicates that the firmware may be under development.

The last tab of the site was added recently, but in our opinion it is the most useful. By clicking on “AER Information”, you will see a list of smartphones, which at first glance does not carry any information.

In fact, thanks to it, you can find out which versions of Android your smartphone will receive (provided it is listed).

In this way, with the help of the Xiaomi Security Center, you can find out about up-to-date information on upgrading Xiaomi smartphones, as well as be aware in advance of which models are no longer supported.

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