How to prolong battery life: mistakes that can not be made when charging a smartphone

Discharge the smartphone battery completely or not? Can I use the gadget while charging? Should I leave it at the outlet at night? These and other questions are asked by almost every mobile phone owner.

We are all worried about how not to make mistakes and not harm the smartphone, so it is important to know exactly what actions will lead to problems and shorten the life of your favorite gadget. How to properly charge your smartphone to extend battery life.

How to properly charge your smartphone to extend battery life

  • Make sure that the smartphone is not completely discharged before turning off. It is necessary to put the device on charge at a rate of about 25%.
  • Prevent your smartphone. However, once every few months you need to bring your phone to full discharge. This is done for prevention to replenish the maximum battery life.
  • There is a myth that it is better not to use a smartphone when charging. In this case, it means charging the phone with poor quality chargers. If you use an original or certified device, do not worry.
  • In some situations, you need to save charge. Decrease screen brightness and turn off data, geolocation, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other energy-intensive features. Temperature fluctuations also adversely affect battery performance. High and low temperatures can cause the battery to become unusable.

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