How to quickly search by photo right from your phone

If earlier it was impossible to solve this issue from the phone, now in the era of advanced technologies it is very easy to do this. We talk about this in more detail later.

Google Lens
The official application from Google, which significantly expands the functionality of the camera lens. With this application, you can aim the camera at the desired object and click the dandruff icon, which is responsible for the “Search” function. After that, a page with the name of the object, as well as similar images, will appear on the phone. Comfortable? Not that word.

You can search this way for trees, animals, fish and even goods. In the latter case, the application will tell you where you can buy this item, as well as indicate the prices.

Google Chrome
If you see an image in your browser but don’t know what it is, you can fix it using Google Chrome. Just click on the photo and hold your finger for a few seconds until the service menu appears. In it we need the item “Find this image on Google”. After that, the search results will open, where the name of the object, articles about it, as well as similar photos will be indicated.

Through the browser, you can also search through the photos stored on your phone. It’s very easy to do this:

You need to open the Google homepage, in the upper right menu, click on the icon with three dots and select “Full version”.

Then click on “Pictures”.
The search bar displays a camera icon. We click on it and then click “Select file” to upload an image from the phone or take a new photo.
Let’s look at the search results.

Special programs
The Play Market has a huge number of different applications for searching by photo. Their advantage is that they search for an object from an image on several search resources at once, so the accuracy of the result is much higher.

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