How to remove an iOS update that has already been downloaded

A little over a month ago, all users of compatible iPhones received their annual update, the new iOS version number 16. The update turned out to be pretty smooth and brought some big useful features and a lot of small improvements.

For example, we previously told how to separate the object from the background in a photo with one movement in iOS 16, how to change the font of the clock on the lock screen or completely customize the lock screen to your liking, how to send screenshots without saving them to the gallery, and so on.

However, not everyone wants to install a newer version of iOS. At the same time, Apple is very categorical, and configures smartphones in such a way that they constantly offer to update the software and download the update in the background as soon as the user loses vigilance. And when the firmware is downloaded, there is only one careless step left to install.

But few people know that an already downloaded update can be deleted so that it does not install. Here’s how to do it:

Open Settings → General
Select “iPhone Storage” and wait a few minutes
Find and select the line “Software Update” or the name of the firmware (for example, iOS 16) from the list
Click the “Uninstall update” button.

Done! The update has been removed from the device and will now not install accidentally. So that it no longer downloads, do the following:

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