HTC postpones the release of a new smartphone

HTC has not released flagship phones in the last three years. In March, it was reported that HTC plans to release a high-quality smartphone in April. It was also discovered that this will be a device focused on the metaverse. According to new information, the announcement of the flagship HTC was postponed.

According to PhoneArena, HTC’s flagship phone, which was supposed to debut in April, was postponed due to COVID. We want to note that the company has not abandoned the device. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the technical characteristics of the device.

The only thing known about the mysterious flagship phone HTC will be based on the metaverse. It has been suggested that the smartphone will be connected to the company’s Vivo Flow VR headset in some way. It will probably appeal to those customers who want to use it for VR and AR applications.

Although HTC was absent from the flagship scene, the company is launching Wildfire smartphones in selected markets such as Taiwan and India. It is unclear whether HTC’s future flagship phone will be sold in wider markets.

The reason why HTC has released fewer phones in limited markets over the past four years is that it sold a significant portion of its Google smartphone business in 2018. The $ 1.1 billion deal between HTC and Google allowed the latter to get the former’s employees and access to its intellectual property.

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