Hungary does not intend to support the oil embargo against Russia

Hungary does not intend to support the proposal for an embargo against Russian oil until a solution to the problem of its energy security is found, Associated Press reports citing Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó.

“This problem was created by the European Commission, and therefore the solution must be proposed by the European Commission. First, a solution must come, and then we can talk about sanctions,” the agency quoted him as saying.

He also accused Brussels of “pushing through the plan without taking care of Hungary’s energy security,” which receives 85% of its natural gas and 60% of its oil from Russia.

Hungary, Szijjarto stressed, remains ready to block the proposal for an oil embargo “as long as it makes the country’s energy supply impossible.”

Earlier Wednesday, President of the European Council Charles Michel expressed confidence that a consensus on an oil embargo against Russia could be found before May 30-31, when the EU summit will take place.

The European Commission stated that it does not stop discussing the issue of organizing an embargo on Russian oil, while taking into account the interests of countries such as Hungary.

The Financial Times wrote the day before that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban considers it counterproductive to discuss an oil embargo against Russia at the level of EU leaders, since there is no consensus on these measures yet.

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