I am an iphone pro these iMessage hacks will change your text messages forever

Our iPhone is full of hidden features – even in the messaging app.

If you are an iMessage addict, you need to learn some tricks today.Even if you use iMessage year after year, you probably don’t know all the hacks.

Fortunately, TikTok Gadget Whois keskelectronicss has shared some iMessage techniques that will enhance your texting game.

There are three things you must know.

The first is that you can reply to each single message with an emoji.

Just go to the selector and drag the emoji on the text you want to answer.

It works with Apple’s custom memos to look like you – and add extra characters to your answers.

You can unlock a hidden message menu that lets you send text effects.

Just type a message and then press and hold the send button.

It comes with a special menu where you can animate the message.

But this is not the end.

You can also turn on full screen effects for recipients from this secret menu.

Go inside and then select the screen at the top and you can flood another person’s screen with the emoji of your choice.

Just one word

Here is a bonus iMessage SMS hack for us.

Sending SMS can take a long time, especially when you send a very long message on iPhone.

But if you regularly send the same type of text, there is a simple solution.

Apple’s text replacement feature can be used to quickly retype long messages.

So if you regularly share an address, a phone number, a common phrase or something else, it’s worth setting up a text replacement.

First open Settings and then go to General.

Scroll down the keyboard, then tap Text Replace.

You can then create a replacement by typing a phrase and a shortcut.

Abbreviation is what you type personally, and the phrase becomes that.

So keep the short form and phrase as long as you like.

Now when you type this shortcut using the built-in Apple keyboard, it will be automatically converted to a phrase.

Choose short forms that you don’t mistakenly type in general conversation that are a bit vague.
I am a parenting expert – signs that will determine which job your child will excel at
Tesco will not deliver to my fixed home – this is discrimination

If someone becomes annoying or not very useful, you can always edit or delete it.

You should also read our guide for fast typing on your iPhone.

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