I was fined £170 for parking outside of Iceland…the machine didn’t print my ticket – it’s so unfair

A PENSIONER fined £170 for parking outside Iceland claims staff told her it was okay if the machine didn’t print her a ticket.

Mary Jones, 72, feels “blackmailed” to pay the fine after being stopped for 40 minutes at the Barnstaple branch in North Devon.
Pensioner Mary Jones is outraged that she is being forced to pay the fine

She and husband Mike had traveled to the store from their home in Chulmleigh on January 18 for a bit of shopping.

Mary went to the ticket machine alone because Mike suffered from mobility issues.

When she got there she put the money in but said a ticket wasn’t printed and she had kept £1.

She said: “I went and told him to watch out in case the guy came over.
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“I had a word in Iceland to explain what happened and that I didn’t have a ticket. The lady double checked and confirmed that should be fine.”

On February 2nd, Mary was furious when she received a £100 ticket from Excel Parking in the post.

She called them to explain what had happened and was told that Icelandic staff did not have the authority to override the parking conditions.

Mary told Devon Live: “I also explained that if they checked the money that had gone into the machine it would not match mine by at least a pound. The proof was there if they kept their accounts correctly.”
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She appealed the fine, but her lawsuit was dismissed.

In a letter to them, Excel Parking said the signage in the car park made it clear that a valid ticket must be purchased.

It said: “We take note of your comment that you were unable to purchase a ticket because the machine was not working.

“In that case, you should have looked for an alternative parking space or called the hotline. By failing to make payment for the parking period in question, you became liable for the Charge Notice issued.

“We take note of your comments regarding parking advice. Icelandic on-site staff are not authorized to allow drivers to park contrary to the conditions posted in the parking lot.

“It is the sole responsibility of the motorist to ensure they park properly. If you were unable to park properly, you had the option to call the hotline for advice or to find alternative parking.”

Mary was “very annoyed” by the whole saga – and is now terrified of what will happen next.

She said: “I was told to pay £170 with the threat that the bailiffs would come if they weren’t paid.”

The Sun has reached out to Excel Parking for further comment.
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Mary’s experience comes as a single mum at Universal Credit claims she was “threatened” by a burly bailiff who demanded £400 from her over a parking dispute.

Jemma Martin, 31, branded the enforcement officer “disgraceful” after he “intimidated” her into handing over the money – leaving her skin behind.
Mary feels like she is being “blackmailed” into paying the fine after trying to buy a ticketCredit: BPM

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