IKA BLOCK signed a cooperation agreement with CYBAVO, the leading blockchain information security in Asia.

Hongkong, China , May 10, 2022 — IKA BLOCK, a hong kong blockchain developer, announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with CYBAVO, a leading Asian blockchain information security company in Taiwan, to expand the Asian and APAC markets and provide professional security services for all Hong Kong companies planning to develop blockchain business. Ensure the security of corporate virtual currency assets.

Taiwan’s blockchain security team “CYBAVO VAULT” – CYBAVO was established in 2018 by a group of senior information security experts with backgrounds in blockchain security, cryptography, computer security, malware analysis and network security. It is safe and powerful, it is a digital asset management platform that mainly assists different companies to provide the best solution for protecting assets in their cryptocurrency industry. The CYBAVO team has a lot of international experience and foresight to provide a sound password management mechanism for the information security of digital assets. In the middle of last year, CYBAVO stood out in the Pitch event held by the 2021 SelectUSA Investment Summit, the highest standard business event organized by the US Department of Commerce, and won the first place in the information security briefing competition.

IKA BLOCK, a local blockchain developer, was jointly established by several senior software engineers in 2017. It is the first hong kong blockchain technology company focusing on blockchain technology, project development, wallet security and assisting customers to promote blockchain projects. Harry Chan, director of blockchain technology of IKA BLOCK, believes that the virtual currency market has developed rapidly in the past few years, and the security protection of assets is the foundation of all development. How to balance security and convenience in Private Key management is also the most challenging problem at present. There is a lack of secure institutional-level end-to-end solutions. Due to financial security issues, such as many exchanges, wallets, and celebrity NFT projects have been hacked and stolen, many traditional companies are afraid to enter the blockchain market. Therefore, blockchain security is definitely the most important battlefield in the blockchain industry. Through cooperation with CYBAVO, IKA BLOCK is confident that it can protect the assets of more companies and witness the new era of “fiat to crypto assets” with CYBAVO .

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Name: IKA Block
Email: media@ikablock.com
City: HongKong
Country: HongKong

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