“I’m ashamed of the shape of my breasts – they’re saggy, but that’s normal”

Olivia Nicole Duffin has been receiving nasty comments from trolls online about the size and shape of her boobs – but has hit back, knowing her body is perfectly ‘normal’.

A woman who has been criticized online for the size and shape of her breasts has hit back at trolls to defend her body, knowing her breasts are “normal”.

Olivia Nicole Duffin has claimed that she often gets comments from people on her TikTok videos insulting her breasts, with some vile messages describing her breasts as “saggy” and too wide apart.

But the TikTok star doesn’t let the negative comments she receives get her down, as she knows her body is perfectly normal – and also knows that her looks have nothing to do with anyone else.

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In a series of videos poking fun at the things people have commented on her videos, Olivia joked that she’d like to know why trolls look at her chest in the first place and said she’s so happy with her body , as he is.

In a viral clip, Olivia, who posts under the username @olivianduffin, responds to a comment that reads, “Why are your boobs so saggy? Wear tops that fit better.”

And she replies, “Why are you looking?”

In another video, she uses a troll’s comment that says, “You need a boob job, your boobs are saggy.”

In another of Olivia’s clips, the star defends her body as she said, “Anyone who says I have saggy breasts, they’re natural and any shape and size is normal.”

The woman’s videos have received hundreds of thousands of views online, and commentators have rallied around the beauty to support her and back her decision to stand up to the trolls.

One person commented on a video: “You can wear whatever you want.”

While another added: “Really leave our bodies alone. It’s nobody’s business, it’s our own.”

And a third said: “People act like they do [breasts] should fit perfectly, but if it does, it’s mostly after completion.”

More commenters were even grateful to Olivia for helping “normalize” breasts, which might be a different shape or size than what’s considered “normal” in the media.

Someone said: “This is one of my biggest insecurities, but seeing it normalize makes me feel better

As another added, “Every girl is different and people just have to accept that.”


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