I’m the Facebook whistleblower, so you SHOULD be concerned about the Metaverse

A Facebook whistleblower fears that children will be immersed in Mark Zuckerberg’s metavars and have little interest in the real world.

Francis Hagen shocked the world last year when he boldly stepped forward as a leaker, releasing thousands of top-secret documents from his time on social networks.
Haugen publicly introduced himself as a Facebook whistleblower in October

The information scientist has accused the tech giant of making a profit before public safety – which Facebook owner Meta has repeatedly denied.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, Frances Zuckerberg expressed concern about where the big metavers plan was going.

Metaverse is leading the way in technology billionaires as a new virtual world for our work and socialization.

Francis from Iowa believes there are serious questions about the project that need to be answered before we can proceed.

“Do we want to be like the whole generation of young people, ‘he told The Sun,’ Oh, all my friends just want to be online with me. ‘”

“I’m more concerned about the elderly – instead of investing in a community center or making sure someone comes and sits with that person, we’re going to choose the most marginalized people in our society to go into virtual reality.” To live?

“Since we went from desktop to phone, people are getting more and more gripped because it’s a more convenient form factor, it’s more intimate.

“When we move to Metaverse, it’s another step in this chain of growth.”

The former Facebook product manager added that the origin of the word metavers should also raise alarms.

First used in a dystopian science fiction novel in 1992, the term was not meant as a desirable concept but as a sign of the decline of a society.

“The reason Metavers became Metavers in Snow Crash is because of the life that people hated and hid in Metavers,” he explained.

Frances was in the UK on Friday to discuss confidence in technology at the Mindaru Center for Technology and Democracy at the University of Cambridge.

While talking to students, he also looked at Nick Clegg, president of Zuckerberg’s Global Affairs.

“I think the reason [Zuckerberg] ran away to Metavers is because when he goes to a coffee shop, to a restaurant, I think people turn to him and it must be hard,” Frances said.

“And the part I’m sorry about that whole thing is Nick Clegg.

“People are jealous of you. You are very successful,” he told Mark

“You’re so rich … they’re so jealous, that’s why they’re so critical.”

When Zuckerberg announced the meta naming of Facebook last October, Zuckerberg, 38, said that Metaverse was “not about spending too much time on screen.”

“It simply came to our notice then.
Our neighbors are dumping rubbish in the backyard that could be visible on Google Earth.
Love Island secret producers don’t really want you to know

Metaverse is not created by a company.

“It is being created by creators and developers to create new experiences and digital resources that are unmanageable, unlocking a vastly larger creative economy than is limited by today’s platforms and their policies.”

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