In April, Russian oil production fell by 12% compared to March

Oil production, taking into account gas condensate, in April decreased by 12.1% compared to March and amounted to 41.12 million tons, a source familiar with the statistics told Interfax. Compared to April 2021, production decreased by 4.4%.

Oil without gas condensate was produced at 37.9 million tons, which is 12.1% less than in March and 4.8% less than in April 2021.

Thus, the average daily oil production by Russia in April amounted to 1,262.47 thousand tons, or 9.12 million barrels per day with a barrelization coefficient of 7.22.

The permitted level of oil production (condensate is not taken into account in the deal) for the Russian Federation in April is 10.436 million b/d, that is, the backlog is almost 1.32 million b/d, and the OPEC+ deal was completed by 334%.

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