In Mariupol, the Russians will “teach” children all summer to Russify. Ukrainian-language books will be destroyed

In occupied Mariupol, the Russians extended the school year until the end of summer to prepare schools for the Russian curriculum.

Source: Advisor to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko

Direct speech: “The occupiers announced the extension of the school year until September 1. That is, without holidays. The main goal is de-Ukrainization and preparation for the school year according to the Russian program.

All summer long children will be taught Russian language and literature, Russian history and mathematics in Russian.

The invaders plan to open 9 schools. However, only 53 teachers have been found so far. 6 teachers per school is a vivid illustration of Russian education in Mariupol during the occupation.”

Details: The day before, Andriushchenko said that the occupiers had begun an inventory of library, school and other book stocks and attributed all textbooks on the history of Ukraine and literature to “extremist” literature.

The inventory is carried out by the library staff. Krupskaya in Donetsk.

The evaluation of libraries and school literature in Mangush and Nikolskoye has already been completed.

“All books that have ‘extremist content’ have been confiscated,” Andryushchenko wrote.

Direct speech: “In particular, all textbooks on the history of Ukraine belong to extremist. Because the liberation movement and Muscovy. We will generally keep silent about the UPA and Stepan Andreevich (Bandera – ed.). The same with textbooks on literature. For Stus is again an extremist.

As a result, all Ukrainian-language books were confiscated for destruction. Mariupol is next. All books will be destroyed. There is no longer any difference between denazification and Nazism.”

Recall: Mariupol was blocked by the Russian army on March 1, the invaders gradually captured the city. By the end of April, Russian troops blocked the last defenders of Mariupol at the Azovstal plant, and on May 20 they announced that all Ukrainian fighters had left its bunkers. Mariupol was in complete occupation.

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