In Russia, a shortage of drones. Prices have tripled

The main blow in the industry was the refusal of foreign companies to work with the Russian Federation

In the Russian market of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, there has been a shortage, and prices in some segments have tripled. About it reports the edition “Komersant”.

According to the publication, a shortage of commercial drones in Russia began as a result of a full -scale military invasion of Ukraine. However, he began to work rapidly after the refusal of foreign companies to work with the Russian Federation.

Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technology Ruslan Pukhov said the Chinese company DJI was the greatest blow, which stopped supply to Russia. According to him, DJI occupies 90% of the drone market.

In addition, since February, drones went up by 30% (similar to electronics), but in the professional segment prices have tripled.

It is worth noting that by the end of the year, according to the CEO of the developer of the Dronoports Hive Nikolai Ryashin, we can also expect problems related to the exhaustion of the battery life: “There are difficulties with them – marine and terrestrial logistics have problems, and the aircraft transport high -intensive batteries. You can. ”

The Sbermegamarket, M.Vedo and Yandex.Marketi refused comments. In “Avito”, “Julia”, “Sitilins”, the Ministry of Industrial not responded to the request of the publication.

We will remind, at the factories for the production of sheet glass in Russia in May, the loads decreased by 30% against the same period last year. The volume of glass production also decreased as it depends directly on the production of production.

It is also worth noting that Russian metallurgy, covered by Western sanctions, has a number of economic problems. In particular, buyers from Asia and China are ready to work with manufacturers of the aggressor country only with great discounts.

However, the European Union has already started working on the seventh package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. It also became known that the European Union is switched off by the largest Russian Bank Sberbank, as well as the Rossilghospbank and the Moscow Credit Bank from the SWIFT interbank system within the sixth package of sanctions against Russia through the war in Ukraine.

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