In Russia, law enforcement officers will register users of social networks

“The Investigative Committee advocated the development of new methods for registering users on social networks,” Elena Leonenko, deputy chairman of the department, told RIA Novosti. “In our opinion, the current user identification system does not always allow for timely and effective preventive responses against those who distribute prohibited content, as well as to prevent the use of such content by minors,” she said.
Comment by Ilya Vaitsman: “…I have experienced only one feeling from “domestic” social networks before, a feeling of the deepest (!) disgust, and now even more so – I did not even know that the degree of disgust can reach such heights. There is nothing more dirty and unsafe on the Web than these vertuhai structures, designed exclusively for grazing “comrade majors” from the Gestapo, who “cut sticks” and “make indicators” there.
Do not go there. No need. It will end badly – sooner or later, one way or another, but necessarily.

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