In the UAE, “murder” in virtual reality can become an article of the Criminal Code

UAE Minister of Artificial Intelligence Omar Sultan al-Olama called for criminal liability for “serious crimes” in the metaworld. This was reported by CNBC.

According to him, the realistic nature of any metauniverse will “terrorize” people in ways that were previously impossible.

“If I send you a message on WhatsApp, it may terrorize you, but it is unlikely to lead to PTSD,” Al-Olama said.

He added that “killing” an avatar in a realistic virtual environment could provoke aggressive retaliation.

Al-Olama called on the International Telecommunication Union to discuss setting international security standards for the meta-universe, which people must adhere to regardless of jurisdiction. As an example, he cited existing common standards on the Internet to prevent drug trafficking and child pornography.

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