In the Ural school, the last bell sounded for one graduate

In the village of Bakryazh, Sverdlovsk Region, a solemn assembly and the last bell were held for graduate Daria Kryuchkova, who studied alone in high school for two years.

For the only graduate in a rural school, they organized a solemn line, the last bell and a school waltz.

The girl remained the only student after the ninth grade and studied alone for two years, because the three girls who had studied with her before decided to go to college.

According to the graduate, sometimes she was a little bored during the lessons and breaks.

“There were only four girls in the ninth grade. And we all left after graduation. I applied to college, but then I took them back and went back to school. I was received very well, ”said the girl.

She added that at first it was difficult to be the only student, but gradually the girl got used to it.

As a resident of the Urals said, after the exams she plans to enter a medical institute and get the profession of an obstetrician-gynecologist.

On May 16, the head of the department, Sergei Kravtsov, said that the Russian Ministry of Education recommends that schools conduct the last calls this year in person. According to Kravtsov, the recommendation applies to all schools in Russia. Graduation ceremonies are recommended to be held on June 25.

Irina Narzieva, a psychologist at the Doctis telemedicine service, told Izvestia how to help a child prepare for exams and prevent anxiety from affecting the results. According to her, in a difficult period for a child, the most important thing is trusting relationships and support. Children should know that, whatever the result of the exams, it will not affect relationships with parents and their love in any way, the specialist emphasized.

She also advised parents not to remind their child of past bad results in control and mock exams. Instead, you should inspire confidence and encourage the student.

The main period for passing the Unified State Examination (USE) in Russia will be held from May 26 to July 2.

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