In the USA, for the first time in the world, a “truly wireless TV” was created

The American start-up company Displace announced the creation of a “truly wireless TV”.
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The TV has no wires and is not connected to electricity. But in fact, the gadget must be permanently connected to the wireless module, which is precisely connected to the power grid.

A battery is connected to this module, which provides autonomy for a month. According to the developers of the device, such a result can be achieved during the operation of the TV for 6 hours a day.

The weight of the TV is no more than 9 kg, the body does not have any ports or connectors, and control will be carried out by gestures using the built-in camera or voice.

Noteworthy is the wireless module that powers the TV. The module is equipped with an AMD central processor, Nvidia graphics, and a Wi-Fi 6E network adapter. As noted, TVs usually use cheaper and less powerful Arm-based SoC solutions. It is also planned that with the help of these TVs it will be possible to easily build a video wall of any size.

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