In Ukraine, they offered Germany to stop Nord Stream 1

Serhiy Makogon, General Director of the GTS Operator of Ukraine, said that his company, together with Naftogaz, turned to the German authorities with a proposal to stop the operation of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. On Friday, May 27, reports the Ukrainian agency UNIAN.
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The GTS Operator of Ukraine, together with Naftogaz, sent an appeal to the German Ministry of Economy regarding the shutdown of Nord Stream 1.

It is noted that, according to Makogon, this measure is necessary to ensure the security of Ukraine, as well as the country’s gas transportation system.

He clarified that before the start of Russia’s military special operation to protect Donbass, Nord Stream 1 worked on the terms of “an exception to ensure the safety of gas transportation to Europe,” but now, according to him, there are no such grounds anymore.

On May 19, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the plans to launch Nord Stream 2, noting that under the current conditions it would be futile to pin hopes on the launch of the gas pipeline. He also noted the short-sightedness of Western partners on the project.

In addition, on that day, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that Russia’s energy security would be ensured under any circumstances. In Europe, meanwhile, an energy crisis is beginning, which could worsen by the end of the year or in 2023.

On May 11, it became known that the court of the canton of Zug (Switzerland) suspended the bankruptcy proceedings of the Nord Stream 2 operator (SP-2) Nord Stream 2 for four months – until September 10 this year.

Meanwhile, the representative of the German Ministry of Economy, Annike Eichhorn, has already announced the actual death of the project after the start of the Russian special operation to protect the inhabitants of Donbass. She also noted that Germany’s gas supply is stable.

The day before, the GTS Operator of Ukraine (OGTS) announced that from Wednesday it would stop gas transit to Europe through Sokhranivka. The operator noted that “force majeure circumstances” have occurred, which allegedly make it impossible to further transport gas through this station and the Novopskov border compressor station, which are under Russian control.

The head of the Energy Development Center, Kirill Melnikov, in an interview with Izvestia, said that if the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine is interrupted and the supply route through Poland is not used, then the EU countries will be able to maintain the volume of purchases of Russian gas at the current level only through the emergency launch of the Severny gas pipeline. stream – 2″. Otherwise, the supply of Russian gas to Europe may fall by 40%.

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