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InMotion Hosting Review

Background: Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, InMotion Hosting has been offering a wide range of web hosting services since 2001. At the time of writing, the company offers great hosting solutions through shared servers, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and reseller platforms.

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Review summary and ratings: 4.5

For nearly 20 years in the web hosting business, InMotion is one of the most recognized names around hosting. A lot – I mean really many old timers have hosted their website InMotion in the past. So doing a review is challenging InMotion – I need to make sure that my review covers enough depth and shows a clear picture of what an InMotion hosting client is like.

My experience with InMotion hosting

InMotion Hosting is a hosting provider that has been close to my heart for some time. I first started with InMotion in 2009 when I was offered a free shared hosting account. The complimentary shared hosting account expires one year later. I loved their service so much that I stayed – as a paying customer.

Today, a decade later, I use the InMotion VPS hosting plan and still pay the company hundreds of dollars every year to host my important sites.

I’m sure in a few years or so I’ve dug up almost every aspect of their sources.

I have run out of shared hosting resources and have had account suspensions twice in the past. I’ve talked to their support team countless times over the phone and through their live chat system.
InMotion about what I like and dislike

In this review, I’ll share what I’ve learned about InMotion over the years so you can make an informed decision about the advantages and disadvantages of hosting with them.

WHSR reviews are based in part on the performance tracking of the sites we place on each host – including (of course) InMotion hosting. And because I’m still using InMotion to host my sites today, I’ll take you behind the scenes and show them their features through my account.

I’ll share an exclusive deal at the bottom of this page – where you can get InMotion 66% off. Shared hosting starts at $ 7.49 / month instead of the regular 2.49 / mo.


  • Great server performance: uptime> 99.95%, TTFB <400mm
  • Impressive live chat support experience
  • Free site migration support
  • One-stop solution: All the hosting features you need a plan
  • Plenty of growth space: VPS, Dedicated, WordPress
  • XNMX-Day Refund Guarantee (Industry # 90)
  • Save 75% If You Host InMotion Now (WHSR Special Discount)


  • After the initial sign up, the price up
  • No instant account activation
  • Server location in the United States only

Professor Dr. InMotion Hosting

1. Great Hosting Performance: Uptime> 99.95%, TTFB ~ 400ms

Among the web hosting providers I have encountered so far InMotion Hosting Servers are some of the top performers in the budget segment. Their uptime is mostly above the industry standard of 99.95%.

More importantly, I tested performance from multiple locations, all capable of boasting a Time to First Byte (TTFB) below 450ms.

The evidence, however, they say is in the pudding. Let’s take a look at the test results that I have compiled InMotion hosting for years since 2013.

InMotion Hosting Speed ​​Test

Bitcoin Speed ​​Test (June 2019) Speed ​​Test (June 2019) – Results for Test Node USA (West / East): 2 / 60ms, Canada: 74ms, Bangalore: 523ms (Slow)
Bitcatcha Speed ​​Test February 2016 Speed ​​Test (February 2016) – Bitcatcha’s proprietary algorithm pings my test site from different locations, giving it an overall score of A +. The norm is usually a B + which is below its three grades.

Time to first-byte (TTFB) based on webpage test

InMotion Hosting Speed ​​Test rated my test site TTFB at 415MS which is very good.

InMotion uptime data hosting

InMotion Hosting Uptime March to May 2020InMotion Hosting Uptime for March – May 2020: 100%. No deviations were recorded during this period.

2. Great customer service and live chat support

Standard support methods include InMotion hosting:

  • Incomplete 90 days money back guarantee
  • Multiple support channels (ticket system, skype, phone, live chat, email)
  • Easy refund or account cancellation

Well known for its technical support, InMotion Hosting Inc. BBB recognized since 2003 and has A + with BBB Busines Review. It is often highly rated for hosting review sites and therefore has high expectations, especially in terms of after-sales support.

Back in August 2017 when I conducted a secret test on the customer support channel, their live chat came up as one of the best in the field. The first response time was less than 60 seconds and my question was resolved quickly.
My personal experience with InMotion’s live chat support

I repeated a test with InMotion to update this review support system in 2018 and I’m glad it didn’t go down at all.

Feeling confused? Which hosting plans to go with InMotion?

Facing with many choices can be a headache at times. If you’re not sure what you need, here’s my 2 cents;

Decide whether you would like to share, VPS or Dedicated server hosting.

For those who need special requirements such as server root access or custom software, you may want to consider starting VPS hosting.

For everyone else, this will probably fine one of the shared plans for you (it’s normal to always buy at the lowest levels).

There are four different levels of InMotion Business Class hosting – Core, Launch, Power and Pro.

Although similar in nature, each higher level offers more features, such as more addon domains, parked domains or something else. The most important thing to note is how many websites each plan supports – if you only need to run a single site, go with Core only, the lowest package.

Remember, these packages can be upgraded at any time, all you have to do is price up.

6. 90 days money back guarantee

Some web hosts may try to walk away without a money back guarantee or limit you to a ridiculous 3-day or 14-day period. InMotion Hosting offers one of the longest trial periods in the business – an eye-opening 90 days!

Within 90 days, if you are dissatisfied with what you have purchased, you can request cancellation of the account with full refund.

InMotion Hosting Terms of Service and Guarantee

Our business, VPS and all 12 month and long term hosting plans for reseller hosting packages are covered by our unparalleled 90-day money back guarantee. All dedicated servers and all monthly billed VPS and reseller hosting packages are eligible for full refund for 30 days.

– Source: InMotion Hosting Terms of Use

7. Save 75% when you order InMotion Hosting Now

InMotion’s shared hosting usually charges মূল 8.99 / 11.99 / 15.99 / 22.99 per month for their original, launch, power and pro plans, respectively.

If you order through our special promotional link, you will save up to 75%, paying only 99 4.99 / 4.99 / 12.99 / 36 per month for a period of 2.29 months.

The opposite of InMotion hosting

Although InMotion is one of the few to get a full five-star review from me, I still have to admit that nothing is perfect.

Let me share with you some of the encouraging points about them.

1. After the initial sign up, the price up

When you’re just signing in to InMotion Hosting, which I call the honeymoon period. You pay the cut-rate fee and both you and the host are happy. Unfortunately, this only lasts the length of your first contract. When it comes time to renew, you will face a full fee rate of

This means that for the 36-month renewal period, you will have to pay $ 8.99 / 11.99 / 15.99 / 22.99 per month depending on the plan.

Even the sad news is that this is not all about InMotion hosting and is actually an industry standard. This practice has received many complaints over the years.

If this is something you actually object to, go to a host that does not practice Interserver instead.

2. No instant account activation

To prevent fraud, InMotion does not practice instant account activation. This means you have to verify over the phone before they can activate your account – a slight inconvenience for people like me living outside the United States.

I am Malaysia, which is on the opposite side of the earth from the United States. Given the time interval and sometimes poor call quality, this can be a real mess.

3. Server location in the United States only

InMotion hosting users are limited to hosting their websites in the United States only. You only have Washington DC (East) as your data center when you order your plan – that’s it. For advanced users, you need a Content Distribution Network (CDN) or go with other hosting companies (Hostinger support 8 server locations in the United States, EU, and Asia, for example).
InMotion Data Center Location InMotion Washington, DC Data Center

InMotion hosting plan and pricing

Shared Hosting Plan: Core, Launch, Power, Pro

Here are four shared web hosting plans: InMotion Hosting: Core, Launch, Power and Pro. Here is a quick description:

Features Core Launch Power
Websites 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Free First Domain No Yes Yes
Parked Domain 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Address 10 Unlimited Unlimited
SSD Storage 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Better Server Performance 2x 6x 12x
E-commerce Ready No No Yes
Automated Data Backup Yes Yes Yes
Signup Price $2.29/mo $4.99/mo $4.99/mo

VPS Hosting Plans: 2GB RAM, 4GB RAM, 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM

Their four VPS hosting plan names are easy to understand and differentiate: 2GB RAM, 4GB RAM, 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM.

Here are the main features for these plans:

Features 2GB RAM 4GB RAM 6GB RAM
RAM (GB) 2 4 6
SSD Storage (GB) 45 75 105
Dedicated IP 3 3 3
Signup Price $19.99/mo $29.99/mo $44.99/mo
Data Transfer (TB) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes

InMotion Hosting FAQs

Who owns InMotion Hosting today?

The company, InMotion Hosting, Inc., is a private company owned by co-founders Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson. The company has offices in Los Angeles, CA, Virginia Beach, VA and Denver, CO.

Is InMotion Hosting Good?

Yes, InMotion is a good web hosting company and offers a wide range of related products. Personally I pay a few hundred dollars per year to host my important site InMotion.

How Much Does InMotion Hosting Cost?

InMotion Hosting offers four shared hosting plans: Lite, Launch, Power and Pro. Lite – entry-level plan, allows you to host 1 website and costs 2. 3 per month for a 2.49 year subscription. Launch, Power and Pro plans cost $ 4.99, $ 7.99 and $ 12.99 per month, respectively.

How do I cancel InMotion hosting after signing up?

InMotion Hosting offers a 90-day money back guarantee, however, to cancel your plan, you must contact InMotion Hosting Customer Support.

What is Boldgrid?

BoldGrid is a WordPress-based website developer developed and offered by InMotion hosting its users.

Is Boldgrid free?

Base Boldgrid builders are free to use, but there are premium plugins and themes that can cost money and you should decide to use them.

Where is the InMotion Hosting Server?

InMotion hosting servers are located on both the east and west coasts of the United States.

Ruling: Paying for InMotion Hosting?

I consider InMotion to be a great web hosting company – the web host includes WHSR’s list of the best email hosting, and the best small business hosting.

If you are looking for a web hosting provider that has a good reputation and offers strong performance and customer support – InMotion Hosting is the one for you. Also keep in mind that they have the advantage of allowing you to scale your plans at any time, so proof of the future.

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