Instacart driver calls out customer’s allegedly ‘shady’ ordering behavior: ‘Why do you do this?’

An Instacart driver is sparking a major debate after sharing a customer’s allegedly “shady” behavior.

The driver, named Angelica (@angelicaa_castillo), shared the frustrating story on TikTok. In the clip, she called out an alleged flaw in the delivery app, which seemingly allows customers to complain about deliveries with little or no evidence.

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Angelica claimed she noticed the issue after a recent delivery. According to the TikToker, a customer reported an item missing from their order — despite Angelica’s having photo evidence to the contrary.

Her post is just the latest viral video to chronicle issues faced by food delivery drivers.

In one recent clip, an Instacart worker revealed an easy way scammers can steal money from drivers. In another, an Uber Eats worker explained how customers can use “tip baiting” to trick their drivers into arriving faster.

Angelica’s video featured another kind of cautionary tale.

Angelica began the clip by noting that she always takes photos of her deliveries, after seeing another Instacart worker on TikTok do the same. This order was no different.

“When I dropped off this delivery, I took a picture of it,” she said.

However, Angelica said the customer later reported they were missing items — namely, two bottles of salad dressing.

In the clip, the TikToker zooms in on her photo to show what appears to be the bottles of dressing in question.

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“Why did you report it missing when it’s right there?” she said. “As a customer, why do you do this? Like, I don’t get it.”

Angelica ended the video by showing a screenshot of the reported missing item, next to a button that says “report fraud.”

“You picked the wrong person to mess with,” Angelica said, implying that she’ll be reporting the customer’s allegedly false claim.

The video enraged viewers, including other Instacart drivers on the app. Many took issue with the fact that customers can seemingly report issues at will.

“I got someone saying I took baby food this is crazy my rating has gone down cause of these lies and I’m tired of it,” one user wrote.

“Yesss i’m a shopper to and i can’t stand when customers do that,” another agreed.

“The sad thing is instacart doesn’t care if we have proof they won’t remove it or do anything to customer,” another added.

Instacart’s guidelines note that customers can request a refund if an item is missing, damaged, spoiled or otherwise unusable. The company maintains sole discretion to determine if a customer is eligible for a refund, and whether it needs evidence to make a decision.


Source: YAHOO

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