iOS 16 will get a more functional lock screen

There are only a few days left before Apple’s annual developer conference, and while there may not be many new hardware, the WWDC focuses on software anyway. This year, of course, a lot of attention will be paid to macOS, but the movement on the side of iOS seems to have slowed down a bit, at least according to early sources. However, this does not mean that iOS 16 will be uninteresting, iPhone owners, in particular, can expect a little more battery life thanks to the improved lock screen.

Unlike Android, where many developments are published to the general public, iOS does not have early releases, so we can only rely on rumors, including some very reliable sources. Mark Gourmet of Bloomberg, for example, does not expect significant changes in the design of iOS 16. However, as expected, some noticeable changes will still be.

For example, there may be improvements to the messaging system and new features in Health. There may be major changes in the multitasking system that may be of interest to iPad owners. As for the services, Gourmet was somewhat ambiguous about the possible “functionality of the social network” for Messages. However, it is especially interesting how iOS 16 can radically change the game when it comes to the lock screen, which, in turn, can greatly affect the battery life.

ios 16

Android phones have long used some form of continuous display function (AOD), and so has the Apple Watch. The idea behind this feature is that certain display panels can remain on even if only a certain number of pixels are used. This allows you to see some information, such as messages or even clocks, without illuminating the entire screen. This can make the lock screen messaging system more economical overall, even though the AOD still consumes little power during use.

According to Gourmet, in his latest PowerOn newsletter sent to e-mail subscribers, this feature was to be launched from the iPhone 13 last year with the transition to LTPO TFT LCDs with variable refresh rates up to 120 Hz. Theoretically, the frequency could be reduced to 0 Hz, but the iPhone 13 Pro received only 10 Hz. This year, it may finally happen, and the analyst expects that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be equipped with AOD lock function.

Gourmet also claims that new wallpapers with “widget-like features” may appear on the lock screen. He did not go into detail about this, but this statement is not surprising, given Apple’s propensity for widgets. Of course, these widgets can reduce battery life, but we need to see how this will work with the AOD feature enabled.

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