IT sector brought Ukraine $6.7 billion in export earnings in 2021

The Ukrainian IT industry in 2022 will be able to reach the indicators of 2021, provided that the current situation does not change dramatically for the worse, Andriy Yavorsky, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Technology at the Ukrainian IT company GlobalLogic, said.

According to him, in 2021, the IT sector, according to the reports of the Ministry of Economy, brought Ukraine about $6.7 billion in export earnings, and for the first quarter of 2022, according to the IT Association, about $2 billion, which would show a possible growth in IT -industry by 28-30%, if the aggravation of the military conflict had not begun.

“If there was no war, we would expect that each next quarter would be a little more than the previous one, and as a result, this year the IT industry would have to accumulate about $8.5 billion in export earnings (…) Due to the situation with the war, we can assume that the IT business has sank by 5-10%, ”Yavorsky said during an online meeting of the IT Media Club on Wednesday.

He noted that the IT business includes export-oriented and domestic industries, as well as telecom operators.

According to him, after the start of active hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, the export IT industry of the country sank by 5%, the domestic one even more, “but it did not account for a very large market share.

“Conventionally, the entire IT industry has fallen by 10 percent. Accordingly, it was $2 billion — now $1.7-1.8 billion. If everything remains stable, we do not expect further decline. But it is possible – the flow of new projects is rather weak. If we are pessimistic, the industry will generate about $7 billion by the end of the year. However, I still want to believe that we will make not $7 billion, but $7.5 billion,” the top manager summed up.

As reported, the Ukrainian IT company GlobalLogic notes a 2-fold reduction in the number of vacancies in the IT market of Ukraine since the beginning of the active phase of hostilities.

IT-company “GlobalLogic Ukraine” is the largest software developer in Ukraine. It has offices and more than 4.5 thousand specialists in Kyiv, Kharkov, Lvov and Nikolaev.

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