Japanese scientists set world data transfer speed record

Japan’s National Institute of Information and Telecommunications Technology (NICT) has set a new speed record for data transmission over cable with single-mode fibers. The specialists managed to transmit data for 51.7 km at a speed of 1.02 Pbps, according to NICT.

The speed of 1 Pbps makes it possible to broadcast 10 million video channels per second with a resolution of 8K. The new record is 100,000 times faster than today’s fastest home internet speed.

The project was implemented using fiber optic cables compatible with the existing infrastructure. Three bands were used: the traditional C and L, as well as the experimental S. Thanks to the WDM technology, the throughput increased to 20 THz.

Using other new technologies for optical amplification and signal modulation, the team of scientists managed to achieve a record speed of 1.02 Pbps when transmitting data over a distance of 51.7 km over an optical cable.

The previous record for four-core fiber was 610 Tbps, and speeds above 1 Pbps were only achieved with a 15-core cable.

Earlier it was reported that Starlink satellite Internet is available in 32 countries around the world. Regions are marked with different shades of blue on the map.

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