Johnny Depp’s lawyer released photos of Amber Heard in court the day after he ‘attacked her’

Amber Heard and the court were shown pictures of herself at public events where Johnny Depp’s team claimed no signs of physical trauma

Johnny Depp’s lawyers have shown the court pictures of Amber Heard looking fresh-faced during a public appearance a day after her ex-husband allegedly injured her lips and face.

The Aquaman actress gave an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden in December 2015, and Depp’s team claims the photos show no marks, cuts, bruises or swelling on her face.

The court was shown a clip of her on the show.

She previously testified that she thought she was going to die when Depp allegedly headbutted her and tried to strangle her with a pillow.

According to the actress, the alleged violent behavior happened the night before she appeared in public.

She claims she has two black eyes, what she thinks is a broken nose and cracked lips due to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor allegedly hitting her.

In her testimony earlier this month, Heard told the court her bloody lips had been concealed by the makeup team with ‘red, super matte lipstick’.

“I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to cover the bruises and swelling. I applied ice all night and the next day I looked in the mirror to see if I could get rid of it, that is, hide it, so I could make my appearance. ,” she declared.

“I gambled and thought maybe I could do it, so I asked my hair and makeup team to come over. They worked around it, which meant using hairspray to soothe the wounds. on my head because of that burn. They worked around the bruise by covering it up. with heavy makeup, darker than normal blemish makeup.”

She went on to claim in her testimony that they had ‘no other choice in [lipstick] color due to her bloody lips.

When Heard was re-examined this week, Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez questioned her about the alleged moments Heard claimed he harmed her.

Vasquez also released photos of the night after the 2014 Met Gala when the actress claimed Depp hit her and left her with a broken nose.

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Depp’s team claimed the photos showed ‘she showed no signs of injury.’

Heard told the court: “As for the record, I don’t know that it was broken. You should see how it looks under makeup.”

“Your nose doesn’t appear to be injured in any of these photos?” Vasquez asked.

Heard responds: “You’re wearing makeup and putting on makeup, aren’t you?”

After being shown another photo with no signs of injury, Heard claimed that Depp ‘smacked me in the face and I thought it broke my nose’.

Depp’s attorney also asked about her time in Russia in June 2013 when Heard claimed Depp hit her in the face.

He was promoting The Lone Ranger at the time and the court was shown a photo of the duo at an event for the move. Vasquez asked her if she could see any wounds.

Heard she can’t.

A photo of Heard at the premiere of Depp’s 2015 film, Mortdecai, was also shown. She admitted that the photos had no obvious traces despite previous claims of violence.


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