Johnson invited Zelensky to create a military alliance against Russia

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expects Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to support the creation of a new international alliance against Russia. This was reported on Thursday, May 26, by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The Prime Minister of London is proposing a new system of political, economic and military alliances – an alternative to the European Union – that brings together countries dissatisfied with the position of Brussels, as well as Germany’s reaction to Russia’s actions.

It is noted that for the first time Johnson presented his initiative to Zelensky in early April. According to the idea, in addition to Ukraine and Britain, the organization will include Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and, possibly, Turkey.

In Kyiv, according to the author of the article, this proposal was met without much enthusiasm, however, they did not interfere. Most likely, this issue will remain suspended until the European summit on June 23, as a result of which a decision on Ukraine’s membership in the European Union will be made.

Earlier, on May 25, Politico noted that the world community has taken different positions regarding the Ukrainian crisis. Thus, Brazil, India, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa and Indonesia consider the special operation of the Russian Federation a regional conflict and prefer to defend their economic and strategic interests. Whereas in the US and Europe they seek to influence the situation.

It is emphasized that the complete isolation of Russia, which the West insists on, contradicts the idea of ​​national prosperity for too many states.

On May 20, the G7 countries announced that the G7 would continue to isolate Russia and Belarus from the world economy. The Ministers of Finance of Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, the USA, France and Japan made a corresponding statement.

On May 14, Lavrov said that the EU countries are pursuing a policy that is mainly beneficial to Washington, losing signs of independence. He warned that the consequences of the Western hybrid war against Russia would be felt by all, and noted that Moscow was taking steps to ensure that this direct confrontation did not occur.

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