JPMorgan Opens Metaverse Literary Exposition

One of the largest American banks has uploaded its informational print edition to the metaverse library. This edition is known as the JPMorgan Summer Reading List. It has been published annually for the past twenty years. Now a digital booklet, where readers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the bank’s products and current trends in the banking sector, has appeared in the Onyx by JPMorgan section in Decentraland.

Note that the bank’s virtual exposition in the metaverse library was created in cooperation with the virtual real estate company Everyrealm. Visitors will be able to create their own avatar, learn about books and view exclusive interviews with selected authors, and sit next to them as a learned owl, ready to mark correct answers during various literary quizzes.

The press service of JPMorgan said that before uploading the informational edition to the metaverse, scrupulous work was carried out to select hundreds of popular science articles. The catalog was then checked for relevance and usefulness to potential bank customers.

In addition to finance, the books introduce readers to the pioneers of modern culture, such as Hayao Miyazaki, mythical ancient Greek heroes and world public leaders, as well as scientific achievements in the field of the crypto industry.

Earlier, Mark Zuckerberg said that in the short term, investments in the metaverse will bring the company “significant” losses. However, if the short term is about five years, then this can certainly significantly reduce the value of Meta’s shares.

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