Apple has figured out how to build a small camera into a watch

Apple seems to be exploring the possibility of installing a camera in its smartwatch. This is evidenced by the company’s patent, which describes the design of the Apple Watch with a sensor in the Digital Crown wheel.

Phonearena reporters noted that the tiny camera in the watch can be used to take photos secretly. This may be a worrying prospect, but it is expected that Apple is likely to build some protection against misuse.

The patent briefly describes the issue of confidentiality, emphasizing that “persons responsible for the collection, analysis, disclosure, transfer, storage or other use of such personal data will adhere to generally accepted privacy policies.”

The patent also mentions the problems that may arise with such a design. The fact is that the wrist of a person wearing an Apple Watch can get caught in the frame while shooting. So far there is no solution to this. It is suggested to simply take a watch if you want to take a picture. What no longer looks so interesting.

The main part of the patent is devoted to how to install a Digital Crown camera. It is unclear whether such a design will actually be implemented.

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