Kroos – journalist after winning the Champions League final: “You had 90 minutes, and now you’re asking me two shitty questions.”

Real Madrid midfielder Tony Kroos has failed as a journalist after winning the Champions League final over Liverpool:

Kroos: It will take a few days to digest this success. After the match, I was looking for my family on the podium, because for me it is a special title. Today the whole family was at the stadium. I have said many times that I may have won the Champions League before, but I always wanted all the children to be in the stadium. That’s what happened today. It is impossible to describe how wonderful it is.

Journalist: Especially considering that everything was not so obvious, if you look at the course of the game?

Kroos: Pffff. What is obvious? Winning the Champions League, in principle, can not be taken for granted. We fought hard, we knew that Liverpool was a great team. Pffff, what does not mean obvious? We won, that’s all!

Journalist: Was it a surprise for you that Real had such big problems?

Kroos: Honestly, you had 90 minutes to think about smart questions. And now you’re asking me two such shitty questions. This is madness!

Journalist: I don’t think it’s that bad, because…

Kroos: Of course, there are sometimes problems with Liverpool. What kind of question is this ?! This is not a group stage match, but a Champions League final.

Journalist: Yes, but it was obvious that “Real” reached the final with such difficulties «

Kroos: Stop it, I’d better go…

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