Kyiv IT specialists create power banks and night vision devices for the Armed Forces

For more than a month now, five friends from Kyiv have been creating power banks for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from used electronic cigarettes, Dev ua reports.

About 30 such devices have already reached the forefront. And the inventors are turning conventional video cameras into night vision devices, which are very much needed at the front. There are five people in the team, all working in IT: artist Natalia Elenivska, back-end programmers Oleksiy Marchuk and Dmytro Yaremenko, tester Anastasia Latysheva and back-end developer Ivan Volynets.

The idea to convert e-cigarettes into power banks came naturally – when friends disassembled a package of e-cigarettes, which they smoked themselves, and saw that there are quite normal batteries, and they can be charged. If done correctly.

Housing, recharging / discharging safety boards. Usually the team uses a ready-made power bank module. And plastic parts are printed on a 3D printer – one of the friends drew it from Kyiv to western Ukraine, where the company now lives.

Ivan’s other technology for the front is a homemade night vision device. This is not a thermal imager, because it is almost impossible to do at home, namely a device for observation in the dark, based on an infrared lamp.

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