Kyivstar extended free service to Ukrainian subscribers

Many Ukrainians still remain abroad. Therefore, Kyivstar mobile operator continues to provide free services to Ukrainians in Europe. Within a month, citizens will be able to use the popular free service.

Subscribers to 16 EU countries will be able to use free roaming. Subscribers were exempted from roaming charges. Tariffs are available to them on the same terms as in Ukraine. The service is called “Roaming at home” to provide migrants with the Internet to communicate with relatives.

According to the operator, there are about 2 million Ukrainians abroad. They only need to pay for their tariff. As a rule, it is significantly less than the cost of local operators. Users of the contract form of service will receive an additional package of services for 500 minutes for calls to all Ukrainian numbers and numbers in the host country. Subscribers will also have 50 SMS and 15 GB of mobile Internet, and unlimited incoming calls.

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