Longford Land changes hands for 15,777 / ac

Sales in Leinster, especially in the North Midlands, are very strong due to Murtagh Bros’ Dillon Murtagh reporting much better results.

Last week, a 31.5 ac farm in Rathbreaken, Granard, Co Longford opened online for just 20,000 euros but made a staggering € 497,000 or € 15,777 / ac.

The farm is spread out in a neat part with lots of road front.

After a slow start, prices skyrocketed and two interested bidders continued their business until a lawyer working for the local farmer won.

Longford’s other property that has been auctioned off is a 44ac weed farm in Cologne, 2 miles outside Edgworthstown.

The installation is well over the front of R395 Castlepolard Road, on a block laid out in several sections, sheltered by a traditional hedge.


A one-block non-residential 44ac weed farm in Cologne, Edgeworthstone raised € 375,000.

The property attracted two bidders in an online auction. The Murtag hammer went on the market for 350,000 euros before it fetched € 375,000.

A 32ac non-residential farm on Whiterock, just 1 km from N4 Longford on Sligo Road, about 1 km from Longford Town Center, earned € 245,000 – more than € 7,600 / ac – beating the benchmark by € 20,000.


The farm, with a run-down cottage and extensive frontage, has raised € 245,000 to Whiter, 1 km from Longford Town Center.

The farm has an abandoned cottage and a wide facade.
Kilcock’s 36ac shares make € 370,000

In Kildar, Menueth’s Kunans manages the sales of a 36ac farm in Balinakil, Newtown, Kilkok.

The non-residential building has no farm building and is listed at € 325,000.

The three active bidders continued the process until the place was brought to market for € 325,000 and sold for € 370,000.

Drumlergun’s Killergun stud near Kilkok, near the border meth, and the 36ac were supposed to go under the hammer at the same auction but sold out before it could be sold.


The Killergun stud at 36ac in Drumlergun near Killock was listed for € 600,000 and sold out before the auction in an undisclosed amount.

Free-drainage land includes a courtyard with a large sand dune, a lounge ring, and an American barn.


Killergan has a long history of horse breeding and the horseback riding reflects this.

According to Philip Byrne of Conan, the property was sold “for the mutual satisfaction of buyers and sellers” – which is believed to exceed the 600,000 benchmark.

The 127ac Roscommon firm sold for € 900,000

A 127ac farm in Co Roscommon’s West of Shannon was withdrawn from the auction for 870,000 and later sold for more than € 900,000.

The property is located at Carocrin, Tonlezi and Corbo on Lanesboro Road, 4 miles from the town of Roscommon.

It consists of an old stone dwelling in a state of near ruin and has a frontage of 2.2 km. The land consists of good pastures. There is no farm building except the cattle farm.

The site was heavily funded by Elphin auctioneer Tom Cox. The first included 100ac, including the old house; The second consists of 21ac roadside pastures; Corbo also included a 6ac forest piece.

The whole thing was the only show in town. It was withdrawn at 870,000 and sold for over € 900,000.

At the same auction, Mr. Cox sold his pre-auction leader a 36ac non-residential farm in Cloniberne, Stroktown, for € 400,000. It was bought from a neighboring farmer.

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