Luhansk region: Severodonetsk is not cut off, there is a battle, there are still forces to fight – Gaidai

Fighting continues in the vicinity of Severodonetsk, but the city is not cut off, and, despite analysts’ forecasts, the Russians will not be able to capture the Luhansk region in the coming days.

Source: Head of the Regional State Administration of the Luhansk region Serhiy Gaidai

Details: As reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have enough strength to keep the defense of the Lugansk region, however, it is possible that in order not to be surrounded, they will have to retreat.

It is noted that the separatist “media” spread the lie of the “LPR” commanders that Severodonetsk is allegedly cut off. The Russians entered the area of ​​the Mir Hotel and the bus station.

The track “Lysichansk-Bakhmut” is completely shot through, moving along it is dangerous. However, the delivery of cargo and evacuation is still possible.

In the Lugansk region, it is almost impossible to go outside due to the density of shelling.

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