“Antonov” denied that the wreckage of “Mriya” was taken for scrap

The Antonov state enterprise denied the information that the wreckage of the Mriya aircraft was taken from the airfield in Gostomel for disposal.

Source: SE “Antonov”

Literally: “False information is widely disseminated on the Internet about the” removal from the airport “Kyiv-Antonov-2” of the An-225 “Mriya” aircraft units for the purpose of their further disposal.”

Details: It is noted that the video, which served as the basis for the dissemination of information, was filmed in a “pirate” way and distributed without the consent of “Antonov” and the relevant government agencies.

What happened before: Earlier, a video was published on social networks, in which the wreckage of the Mriya was taken from the airfield in Gostomel for scrap.

Recall: “Mriya” was destroyed in Gostomel during the Russian invasion. “Mriya” is not subject to restoration.

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