Kherson region: Russians dragged a train of 50-year-old T-62s – OK “South”

The Russians pulled 30 fifty-year-old T-62 tanks to the Kherson region.

Source: OK “South”

Literally: “Rashists brought to the Kherson region a train of about 30 units of fifty-year-old reactivated T-62 tanks, as well as automotive equipment, armored combat vehicles, multiple launch rocket systems.”

What preceded: On May 26, it was reported that in Zaporozhye, Russian invaders drove a train of obsolete T-62 tanks to Melitopol, as well as 30 pieces of equipment to the village of Kirillovka.

Recall: According to British intelligence, the fact that Russia is transferring such old tanks may indicate a lack of modern equipment, since T-62s will almost certainly be especially vulnerable to anti-tank weapons.

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