ISW: Russians are not good at city fighting so they won’t move fast in Severodonetsk

The Russians performed poorly in operations in the city, so they are unlikely to be able to move quickly along Severodonetsk.

Source: American Institute for the Study of War

Details: It is noted that the Russians continue to build up positions around the city, but did not cordon it off. Russian forces are likely to continue their gradual advance and may cordon off Severodonetsk in the coming days.

APU slowed down the advance of the Russians.

Russian operations around Izyum remain at a standstill, and Russian troops will probably not be able to increase the pace of their offensive.

Russian forces are reportedly advancing from Liman in a direction both southwest to support their forces at Izyum and southeast towards Seversk. It will probably be difficult for them to achieve any goal in the coming days.

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