Man accused of ruining his friend’s wedding after smuggling in pizza for hungry guests

Planning a wedding is no easy task, but when it comes to making sure your guests have a good time, one of the most important things you need to think about is the catering – after all, a happy guest is a well-fed guest.

But one man on Reddit was forced to take matters into his own hands when he attended his friend’s wedding, as the only food available to all guests and members of the wedding party was a simple side salad and a few veggies.

The man, who was a groomsman at the wedding, knew the food wouldn’t be sufficient to keep him going all day but didn’t want to upset his friend by telling her she’d made a mistake – so he chose to “covertly order a pizza” and sneak a few slices from out of his car.

In his post, he said: “I was a groomsman for my friend Sara’s wedding this past week. I’m on medication that has to be taken at a certain time of the day and also requires food, so I asked Sara what time the food would be served.
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Many of the other guests also wanted a slice (stock photo) ( Image:
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“Now, this is a vegetarian wedding. I’m not vegetarian but I have no problem not eating meat for a meal especially when it comes to supporting my friend. The only issue I had was when I found out the size of the meals. The entire course consisted of a side salad, a side of corn, and a side of broccoli.

“If this were only for a few hours that wouldn’t be a problem, but because the wedding party has to arrive before everyone, the whole event was going to be over 8 hours and I knew there was no way a small salad and a few tablespoons of corn and broccoli were going to hold me over. When Sara told me what they were serving I said something like, ‘Oh will there be another entre?’ and she immediately got defensive so I hushed myself before causing any further tensions.

“Normally I would have been straightforward about all this, but I could see she was already stressed and I didn’t want to add to it, so I decided during the reception dinner that I was going to covertly order a pizza, meet the guy outside, and just sneak in and out here and there to grab a few slices from my car.”
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But the man’s plan got out of hand when he told another friend what he was doing, which meant word began to spread to the rest of the wedding party – several of whom were also starving.

The man ended up ordering four large pizzas, and the bride found out when she spotted the groom himself snacking on a slice by the man’s car.

He added: “I told my friend this and of course, word got around to some of the other party members. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who was uncomfortable going so many hours with little food, so by the time I placed the order there were about 12 other people throwing down.

“I ordered 4 larges and kept them in my car so people could just kind of come and go and grab some whenever they were hungry. Nobody really seemed to notice anything until Sara couldn’t find the groom anywhere. She had her mum help her find him and as you can guess she found him out by my car eating pizza.

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“To say she blew up was an understatement. She said I embarrassed her, and made her feel cheap. I tried to apologise and explain the situation, but she was having none of it. She told me to leave while her mum stared daggers at me.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were largely on the man’s side, as many of them agreed that the food served at the wedding wasn’t enough to keep guests full.

Source: The Mirror

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