Many make a mistake: how to properly charge the phone

To prolong the life of your smartphone and not spend money on its repairs, it is important to properly charge your gadget. And the first “rule” when charging modern gadgets is not to put it to zero. The fact that this action allows you to use the maximum battery power after that applies to older models of phones, and new ones only hurt.

Modern lithium-ion batteries do not need to be completely “discharged” in order to work at full capacity, but this does not mean that they can be charged “haphazardly”. Knowing when to properly charge your smartphone won’t hurt anyone, writes belnovosti.
When to charge your phone

The answer to this question is not calculated in hours, but in the percentage of charge on your smartphone. Since the most optimal and acceptable charge level is in the range from 40 to 80%, it is best to keep it within such limits. And it does not matter if you put the phone to charge at 50% or 30%. Note that this method will increase the battery life of your device several times.

Is it possible to charge an already charged phone: the answer will surprise you

If possible, turn off your phone before putting it on charge.

Also remember that one of the main mistakes of almost all mobile phone users is “overnight” charging. The battery charges in just a few hours, and the rest of the night is energized, which is detrimental to the gadget and its shelf life.

Also, experts recommend not using the phone while charging, because of this it overheats.

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