Meet Nick Neuman, CEO of Bitcoin self-storage start-up: Casa

Casa is the safest and easiest way to store your bitcoins. We help you store your own bitcoin keys without worrying about doing it securely.

With Casa you don’t have to give control of your bitcoin to someone else, but you also don’t have to worry that losing one key means losing all your bitcoins as you always have backup keys to protect your funds.

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How did you come up with the idea for the company? What do you think makes this company unique?

We founded Casa because we recognized that private keys – which are essentially the password to your bitcoin – are a critical technology for the future of banking and individual freedom. They are very safe but difficult to use; Before Casa, losing a key meant losing all your money.

Most people in the world will not keep a significant part of their wealth in such a way that they can lose it all with a simple mistake. We’ve put a ruthless focus on creating a simple and secure user experience around storing private keys so people can be human – they can make a mistake with their keys and not lose all their savings.

Private keys have the potential to give billions of people access to an open, global financial network. When this happens, we will create tremendous value for the world. But to make that possible, we need simple and secure ways to hold those keys. That is Casa’s sole reason for existence.

How has the company developed in recent years?

In the last few years we have grown a lot. Bitcoins protected by Casa customers have increased in value by 50 times, and it is all held by each individual with their own keys.

We’ve seen more and more people learning the importance of owning their own keys, particularly the security benefits this offers compared to storing bitcoin on an exchange. As consumers realize this benefit, they are looking for accessible ways to store their Bitcoin keys and they have found Casa.

We have also greatly enlarged our team. A few years ago we had less than 20 on the team, now we have almost 50. A lot of people come to the company from outside the bitcoin industry – people flock to work on bitcoin and it’s been exciting to join us help educate new teammates about why it’s so special and why we consider it “freedom money.” I’m excited to see how Casa and our broader industry will grow and change over the next few years.

What can we expect from Casa in the future?

In the past, Casa was about safeguarding your assets. That’s because the foundation of everything you do with money must be security. If your savings are not safe and you lose your money, it’s game over – nothing else counts.

But now that we’ve built a highly secure, proven, and accessible product, we’re starting to expand to other use cases for your assets. What does actually using your Bitcoin in the financial system look like instead of just keeping it? Being able to spend it easily and at the speed of light, lend it as collateral, or possibly lend it to others to earn interest – these are all options we are reviewing based on what we hear from our clients .

And if we look further into the future, private keys can represent much more than just money. They have attributes we call the “Three U’s” – they are unique, priceless and unforgeable. This makes them not only very good tools to secure money but also any kind of highly sensitive data, be it your digital identity, personal data or digital communications. In today’s world, we rely heavily on third parties to secure our sensitive digital data.

As we have found time and time again, these third parties do not always have our best interests in mind. Casa is building for a world where individuals use private keys to take back their control and ownership of the data they care about most, like their money and identity.


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