Microsoft gets rid of “Money in Excel”

Microsoft has announced the termination of a number of functions in the proprietary application for working with Excel spreadsheets. This was reported in an email sent to Microsoft 365 subscription users. This includes integration with Wolfram Alpha and the premium Money in Excel template. Both features have been launched relatively recently, so it’s surprising to see them shut down so quickly.

“Money in Excel” was one of the benefits that Microsoft advertised when renaming Office 365 subscriptions to Microsoft 365. In fact, the feature allows you to easily import bank data and track your finances.

The debut took place more than two years ago, at the time of termination of support, this feature will live a little more than three years. “Money in Excel” can be used until June 30, 2023. All user data will be saved, just stop updating transactions. As a replacement, Microsoft is offering a 60-day free trial of Tiller.

Integration with Wolfram Alpha was introduced in July 2020. The function will cease to operate on June 11, 2023 and will last less than three years. More than 100 Wolfram Alpha data types were presented in Excel. Lack of support means that updating data, following links, and most other Wolfram Alpha-related features will stop working.

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