MikroTik PL7510Gi intelligent adapter

With PWR-LINE PRO you can achieve real speeds of up to 600 Mbps.

PWR-LINE PRO is based on the QCA7550 chipset. The amount of RAM is 16 MB, memory is 4 MB.

The compact (94x105x32 mm) PowerLine device is equipped with one Gigabit Ethernet port with PoE out Passive 24 V power support.

HomePlug AV (PowerLine, PCL) technology is a way to connect network devices and transmit data via home or office wiring. You need at least two PowerLine adapters to work. One of them connects directly to the LAN port of the router, and the other to the electrical outlet in a room where there is no signal. They will be connected via a power line. You can install up to eight PWR-LINE devices to build a network.

PWR-LINE PRO works best with other PL75xx series products, but is also compatible with PL64xx and PL74xx.

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