Huawei plans to launch Mini LED displays

Following restrictions in the United States against Huawei, the company’s position in the mobile phone segment has faltered. The brand is currently focusing on several Nova mid-range and flagship phones. However, the company needs to find a way to launch 5G smartphones, otherwise it will be possible to put an end to this business area.

The company is currently investing in the IoT segment and is also working to improve its display skills. In the second half of 2021, Huawei announced a smart screen for the IoT segment. The device was equipped with a Mini LED screen from Refond Optoelectronics. And now Huawei is working with Nationstar Optoelectronics. Mini LED screens are an evolution of conventional LED displays. The new LEDs are smaller, so there are millions more in these panels than in a standard LCD. In fact, these are more energy efficient panels.


The companies signed a “Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement”. The partnership is based on complementary benefits and mutual benefits on the principle of common development. The two companies will jointly build an innovation center to conduct in-depth and comprehensive research. They will also work on the production and industrialization of key technologies in line with market needs and industry development. Nationstar Optoelectronics will provide all its developments in the field of LED displays, lighting and other areas. Huawei will contribute to the field of chips, artificial intelligence, 5G, etc. The companies will focus their partnership on the development of mini- and micro-LED display technologies. Which will eventually have to replace OLED panels in the future.

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