Mintsifra will launch a new important program for migrants

The Ministry of Digital Development will launch a retraining program for migrants. At the initiative of the department, work has begun on summarizing the experience and developments that have been accumulated over the past few months during the joint work of experts from the Ministry of Digital Development and representatives of the crypto industry. The purpose of a number of projects was mainly to create educational materials designed to improve the financial literacy of Ukrainians. The Expert is informed about this with a link to PaySpace.

Based on this experience, the Ministry will launch a retraining program for internally displaced persons. Kirill Khomyakov, General Manager of Binance in Ukraine, spoke about this. He recalled that in 2019, the Ministry of Digital Development and the crypto exchange signed a memorandum on the development of the cryptocurrency market. Later, the Ministry of Digital Development initiated the development of a law on cryptocurrency. Representatives of the crypto community were also involved in consultations.

“I would say that these are the charitable projects that we did together. Now there will be a new project for the retraining of internally displaced people to technical specialties, which will be done entirely online, and Binance will finance it,” Kirill Khomyakov said.
In the future, it is planned to launch another program aimed at improving the crypto literacy of young people. However, this will most likely happen after the end of the war, said the head of the Ukrainian division of Binance. We previously reported that Mark Zuckerberg recently told a shareholders’ meeting that Metaverse’s investment in the Metaverse would result in “significant” losses for Meta in the short term.

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