Motorists score parking fines a record £ 117,000 in just one year

A motorist has racked up more than 117,000 in parking fines in just one year.

The rebellious Honda driver received 588 tickets between December 2020 and March 2022.
A motorist has racked up more than 117,000 in parking fines in just one year

This is equivalent to about পা 200 per ticket – with increased fines for not paying immediately.

The fine – believed to be a UK record – was logged in north London by Islington Council, which said it would follow the driver for payment.

According to figures released by the council, they were the most expensive collection of fines for a single driver for violating traffic rules in the past year.

In West London’s Posh Kensington and Chelsea, a Ford Transit van was ticketed more than 400 times last year when it was parked in the exclusive Cadogan Square – but all were paid for.
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It is believed that the £ 51,120 bill could have been frozen by a pitch maker – while at the expense of its wealthy clients as part of their bill.

Many of the worst offenders were in London, but the drivers were fined heavily elsewhere.

In Gateshead, the driver of a BMW 701 was fined £ 32,926 for three years before the bailiffs seized the car.

Birmingham officials say a driver collected 31,739 worth of tickets, while a Nottingham man was fined £ 22,200.

At Brighton & Hove, one driver bought 256 unpaid train tickets worth £ 17,400 in just one year.

Bath and North East Somerset Council said they seized a car and sold it at auction to try to repay a, 14,695 loan from 129 tickets.

Wakefield Council in West Yorkshire has done the same with Ford Focus to settle the 13,609 debt from 121 tickets.

AA’s Jack Cousins ​​said: “This is clearly unacceptable behavior and will ultimately affect law-abiding drivers as councils seek to increase parking fees to cover these administrative costs.

“A driver who misses one or two tickets can reasonably argue that they were not aware of the charges, but these are evasions on an industry scale.”

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