Musk promised to increase the speed of Starlink ten times

Well-known blogger T. Dodd interviewed entrepreneur I. Mask. During a conversation with Dodd, the billionaire announced the start of testing by SpaceX of the Starlink V2.0 system.

Its work will be based on Starlink Gen2/V2.0 satellite devices. A prototype of the new satellite is located at the SpaceX facility in Texas. It weighs 1.25 tons. For comparison: the weight of the first generation Starlink satellite is 260 kg.

According to Musk, the new satellites will be much more powerful. The businessman did not name any specific figures. Rumor has it that after the launch of the second generation of satellite vehicles into orbit, the throughput of the Starlink system will increase by 140-160 Gbit / s. Musk emphasized that SpaceX will be able to launch ten times more satellites into orbit using the Starship rocket than on the Falcon 9 rocket. Thus, after each launch of the Starship rocket, the total throughput of Starlink will increase 20 times.

A constellation of 30,000 second-generation satellites will be able to provide a throughput of 1,250 Tbps. This will enable SpaceX to serve millions of subscribers around the planet.

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