Musk’s Starlink network covers all continents

Last week, a message appeared on I. Musk’s Twitter account that the authorities of Mozambique and Nigeria allowed the Starlink provider to start working in the local market. Thus, the number of states in which Starlink space Internet is available has increased to 32. Moreover, from now on, the Starlink network will cover all continents.


Negotiations with the Nigerian regulator NCC regarding the start of work in the country were launched by SpaceX management in May last year. He issued two licenses to the company.

Starlink satellite Internet is focused on areas with low population density. In addition, it can be used in areas where regular broadband access is not available. Experts were skeptical about Starlink entering the markets of Mozambique and Nigeria. The cost of the Starlink terminal is 600 USD. Another 110 USD must be paid every month as a subscription fee. For most of the inhabitants of Mozambique and Nigeria, this is an unaffordable expense. Only wealthy citizens can afford to use satellite Internet services in these countries.

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