Named OS with the most viruses

Since the beginning of 2022, more than 34 million new malware samples have already been discovered. According to a report by anti-virus software company AV-Test, 316,000 viruses appear daily. Taking into account all these data, the most insecure operating system was named.

In the first month of 2022, 11.41 million new malware samples were reported, the most so far this year. So, in February, 8.93 million viruses were detected, and in March – 8.77 million. In total, 29.11 million new fraudulent codes were generated in the first quarter. In April, that number was at least 5.65 million.

As for statistics on different operating systems, this year Windows is still leading with 25.48 million new viruses. 536,000 malware was released for Android devices, and only about 2,000 for macOS.

Despite the impressive rarity of macOS rogue software compared to competitors, Apple still considers the number of threats on the platform “unacceptable” compared to iOS. The prevalence of malware on competing platforms such as Android and Windows is at the core of Apple’s argument against installing apps on iOS without going through the official App Store.

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